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Criticize me, but respect me. Disagree with me, but do not hurt me.

~Thani Almuhairi~

)'(, acid tears, adrenogenital syndrome, auburn curls, benevolent sexism, bite kissing, butterfly kits, capitalistic consumerism, credit as imprisonment, cultural phenomena, cyborg bodies, die manolia, earplug slugs, embracing rejection, expressiveness, follicular phase, fredrica, id, identity vs reality, industrial dreams, inushnu, jesse, ju-jitsu, killing cancer, learning me-love, love heart attacks, mario cart, massage oil, melting music, metallic skin, muscle modification, myotonia, nails that bleed, neon disx, nicorette, nostalgia dinners, open naps, orchids, passing as female, perfect moments, philip dick, photography that hurts, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, raven, romantic emails, romantic strokes, sector 8, serial monogamy, sigur ros, skin metaphors, theoretical paradox, word symphonies

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